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Rod and I are delighted to introduce you to our trainee weaver, Jazz. She joined our McLean & Co. team a few months ago, coming to us with no weaving skills but lots of energy and a desire to learn. Instead of me thinking of lots to write about I just thought of a few questions to ask her, then interviewed her!

S: So Jazz, what made you think you might like to work with McLean & Co?

J: I thought it would be something different, a challenge, and I wanted to try something that would bring out my creativity. Also I enjoy being with you guys, it's like working with family.

S: Has not having a background in textiles or weaving been an issue?

J: No because I've got a good teacher! It's been a bit tricky learning about the different types of wool when it comes to tex and spin and things like that.

S: What have been the highlights of your time working with Rod so far?

J: Finishing a 90 m warp of my own fabric and then having some of it sold!

S: Describe for us the challenges you have faced.

J: Basically my own mind frame of not getting frustrated when things don't go right. I still feel like I'm wasting a day when I'm weaving faults even though I know being frustrated is not going to help. I've got to learn that that's part of making the fabric. If I don't make mistakes I'm not going to learn from them.

S: How does it feel to have your own hashtag, and to be developing a following as a weaver on Instagram? 

J: It's actually pretty neat. I've had a few people start following me on Instagram. It's good because it makes me want to start promoting the product and what we are doing through Instagram.

S: How do you feel now that you have been weaving for a few months?

J: I definitely feel a lot more confident being on the loom and fixing problems and not having to call on Rod so often. I only do that when I'm really unsure. I still take the time to think the process through because fear of making a mistake is still in the back of my mind.

S: Describe for us some of your goals for the next couple of years.

J: OK. Being able to put a full warp on without help. Being able to understand the mechanics of the looms better so I can fix the problems myself. Make as much fabric as possible with the yarn we have. Learn to sew more.

S: What would you say to someone thinking about a random career change, especially into something that is not the norm?

J: Well, what I did was not the norm but I took the risk. You have to take the risk to figure out if you're good or bad at something. Now I realise that I'm actually good at something that I didn't know anything about at the beginning.

S: Anything else you would like to add?

J: I'm really enjoying my job. I like the fact that I wake up every morning and I want to go to work. I like that I make fabric and it comes out like I want it to. I'm really looking forward to trialing different colours and patterns in the near future to see what I can create. I'm really happy, I love my job and it helps that I have bosses who know how to teach me in a way I can understand.

S: Thanks Jazz - we enjoy having you work with us - it's fabulous watching your skills and confidence develop. I am really looking forward to working with you to develop some new textile designs for next winter! 

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