August 2019 Newsletter August 20, 2019 21:21

Writing a newsletter is scary - I receive newsletters from a few organisations and companies and I am always interested in the written and visual content - and most of them look so amazingly perfect, well-polished and confident. Tonight I finished our August newsletter and then pushed the 'send' button - it was really scary because the only other newsletter I've done I had my friend Frances here with me and we both checked it over and worked on the visuals and format together. Tonight I had to be brave and do it myself - because that's what you have to do when you are a micro business - learn how to do it yourself and pray that it is going to be OK, and that it will get easier! How many times as a parent and teacher have I said, "It'll be OK, the first time is often scary, but when you've done it once it will get easier." Well, here's hoping my many time repeated words of encouragement are right!
I had planned for the newsletter to be out a couple of weeks ago, amidst the McLean birthday celebrations, but it was not to be so. However we are still going to give you a purse valued at $35 for every order over $150 as a wee gift from us.
I will hopefully have the Harlech Houndstooth Merino cross scarves in navy and white online within the next day or two - if you look tonight you will be searching in vain - it was a case of getting the newsletter out tonight, or there being a risk or not getting it out at all this month if I waited until I was completely ready.
Rod and Jazz have been really busy weaving out in the shed - I will have more to show you in the September newsletter .... hopefully!!