Shining on... August 24, 2019 19:26

It's twelve years today since our son Lachlan died, aged 18. It still seems surreal. He's still 18, but had he not died he would be 30, possibly married and a father like his brothers, possibly not. Possibly having a beer in Queenstown with his sister after a weekend hike up the Routeburn. Possibly overseas, adventuring. Possibly anything, anywhere; but there are no possibilities, just an emptiness, a void, a labyrinth of loss and learning for those of us who knew and loved him.
Earlier this year we had an unexpected visit from a lovely South African couple who asked if they could interview us for their Green Renaissance series of short films about people they meet; conversations with people who have passion, people with stories to share and perhaps inspire others, conversations that excite them – they call them passion projects and they share at least one new film each week.
After their initial contact they came back and spent a day with us, and then published this short film about our journey, our looms, and our creativeness and how loss often inspires and creates an opening for extraordinary things to happen. This is the link if you would like to watch it: