Dacre Diamond Twill Scarf - Chocoblack


Our range of Dacre Diamond Twill scarves feature a natural warp of shrink resist 100% Merino and a weft of 16 micron Merino, locally grown, spun and dyed using eco-friendly processes, all in the South Island.

We love weaving the Diamond Twill, also known as Closed Herringbone; this pattern is one of the oldest known weaving designs and denotes tradition, strength and unity, ideals Rod and I hold dear. The twill weave allows beautiful drape, the fine yarn is very soft to wear next to your skin and the traditional use of design and colour ensure longevity of your scarf - you will enjoy wearing your scarf for many years to come.

Limited edition: Naturally chocolate over-dyed with black - 20m woven in total


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