New Zealand Merino Scarves

Exclusive ultra-fine New Zealand merino, grown in Middlemarch, spun at Milton and hand woven in Oamaru - completely Otago crafted!

We have been very fortunate to be able to purchase a quantity of the most beautiful, fine and eco-friendly yarn from JS Design -

Jane Shand purchases the naturally coloured fleeces from her Middlemarch farmer, and has them spun here in New Zealand.  Any dyeing is done using metal free Eco-dyes which are kinder on the environment.

The very finely spun yarn creates silky, soft to handle scarves which drape beautifully, with any wrinkling disappearing due to the natural elasticity of merino fibre.

To care for your ultra-fine merino scarf please gently hand wash ( preferably using a small amount of organic wool wash in luke-warm water) and dry on a flat surface out of the sun. Steam press to finish.  If you choose to use your washing machine, select the gentlest cycle available, or you may choose to have your scarf dry cleaned.