Diamond twill hot water bottle cover - with small Fashy hot water bottle

$40.00 $65.00

We have three of these little hot water bottle covers, crafted in Oamaru using our hand woven fabric, they are fully lined with cotton fabric from our stash of fabrics, and have a twisted wool cord to enclose your hot water bottle. The overall approximate size is 32 x 20cm.

This cover comes with its own little Fashy hot water bottle. Made with thermoplastic material, Fashy's hot water bottles are safe, effective, hygienic and virtually odor-free. They also have a much wider neck opening making it easier to pour and helping to prevent spills. Please use your hot water bottle safely, following the manufacturer's instructions.

Please launder your hottie cover with care. We recommend using an eco-friendly wool wash and either washing by hand or on a gentle wool wash in your machine.


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