Wansbeck Throw

$250.00 $395.00

NEWSFLASH: It's nearly stock-take and we want to sell these fast, so we are offering them to you at a ridiculous price - get in quickly as there were only 10 of these beautiful, lightweight and warm throws in this limited edition run.

We are delighted to finally be able to offer you a double width throw. Woven on our Dobby loom, and using 100% New Zealand crossbred wool, these grey and white throws are a testament to the skill and integrity of weavers past, the power of a note in an old folder that accompanied our looms when we bought them, and Google!

Trying to explain how to weave a double width is rather difficult, but essentially it goes like this:

  1. Warp up twice as many ends per inch as usual (in this case 30) - that's 15 ends for the top side of the fabric, and 15 ends for the underside of the fabric.
  2. Set the shafts up so the shuttle can go across the top side left to right on the left foot treadle, then across the underside, right to left, on the right foot treadle: then back across the underside, left to right, on the left foot treadle, then right to left on the top side on the right foot treadle. This creates two edges, and one closed (or folded) edge. There is always some pulling on the closed edge due to the shuttle moving back and forth, but the resulting line of close warp threads adds to the integrity of weaving a double width fabric on a single width loom.

We hope you love these throws as much as we do. They are light weight, only weighing approx 600gm, but warm, as the slightly open weave works like an air cell blanket, trapping warmth close to your body.

Yarn: 100% New Zealand crossbred wool
Size: approx 180 x 170cm
Weight: approx 600gm
Number of throws in this limited edition run: 10

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