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What's the Fashion Revolution?

It's April already and #fashionrevolutionweek2020   

The world is a different place to this time last year. Many people are having time to take a breath, and take stock of some global issues that we often glance at, but don't look too deeply into. The issue of fast fashion's impact on our Earth; socially, culturally,environmentally, economically and ethically is one of these.
In response to the 2013 Rana Plaza disaster in Bangladesh and a call for more transparency in fast fashion production two women in the fashion industry, Carry Somers and Orsola de Castro founded the Fashion Revolution movement.

While it is acknowledged that the disaster was caused by multiple factors, one major factor was the insatiable global demand for “fast fashion” at any cost.

Take a look at their manifesto

The organisation’s vision is simple. By asking consumers, designers, and brands a simple question “Who made my clothes?” and more recently “What’s in my clothes?” they hope to get consumers to think more about the social and environmental impacts of what they buy and wear.

Fashion Revolution is working towards a change in the fashion industry - this is really important for the survival of our planet. The annual Fashion Revolution Week is a time when ordinary people can actively support workers in the industry, designers and brands who are concerned for and care about people and the planet. 

During the past few years there has been a global movement towards a more sustainable fashion industry.  Sadly though change is slow in happening.

It is time to acknowledge and celebrate all the people striving to bring ethically produced fashion to the forefront of our  consciousness. It's a huge challenge but it is an achievable goal - it just needs more people to ask the questions...


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