McLean & Co. bring textile dreams alive...

Here at McLean & Co. we would love to work with you to bring your ideas for unique, limited edition fashion or interior design textiles to fruition.

Over the years we have collaborated with many wonderful partners to make unique, artisan products that are ethical, sustainable and timeless. We value these relationships and the friendships that have resulted.

Please contact us to discuss your ideas, whether they go ahead or not
- we are happy to share our knowledge and skills

Some of our collaborations include:

New Zealand wool growers who work hard to grow quality fleece and want to create a textile legacy for family and friends, or to retail.

Fashion designers who are tired of imported massed produced fast fashion and want to showcase New Zealand wool that has been locally grown, processed and woven sustainably and ethically.

Interior designers who are seeking something 'real' to share with their clients - quality textiles that are locally produced, and are different to what everyone else has.

Homeowners who love the qualities of wool, and want textiles that hug them in their homes.


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