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Where does the time go???

I have been thinking it was time to write another wee episode for our blog. I couldn't believe it was October when I last sat down to do this!! It got me thinking, "Where does the time go?"

I wonder if we could trade the old time spinner for a 2020 weaver - I'd love to get my hand on some more time! The time in my daily life just seems to disappear - it probably has something to do with juggling self-employment with paid employment! This year, along with my McLean commitments I am teaching part time at Waitaki Girls High School. I have been relieving there for the past few years, but this year we just needed "something extra", and so I am really grateful to have been
offered this position. I am really enjoying having my own classes again, learning lots and loving the relationships I am forming with the staff and girls.

I had thought that the first couple of years of self-employment would be the most difficult, but I was wrong. Each year of the five we have been officially McLean & Co have offered challenges. Some of them are short term, but some are long term. The most difficult challenges for us, as with many, or even most, small businesses are marketing and cash flow. Managing the ups and downs of income and expenses can be all consuming, and very draining, and time hungry. In September last year I spoke at the Costume and Textile Association of New Zealand symposium in Nelson about our journey. Preparing the 30 minute presentation was very time consuming. It was however, really good for me to spend that time focusing on our vision, and what we are actually managing to achieve, because sometimes I feel like the highs of what we are actually doing are tainted or even minimised by the constant grind of achieving in those areas.

I had thought it would be good to be able to share the presentation with you all online, but it turned out to be too hard for me to sort out how to add me talking to the powerpoint - however, if you ever want someone to come and chat about McLean & Co, I'm your person!!  I can even make time xx

Right now though, it's time for my bed.


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