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Mary's blankets

One of the pleasures of commissioned work is meeting fabulous people who love the handcrafted, and love their wool.  One such couple hail from the Franklin region, south of Auckland.  They had a pet sheep named Mary, and a daughter who wanted a blanket made from Mary's wool. 

The journey of fleece to blanket ended up taking more than a decade. It took a few years for Mary to grow enough wool, then when there was enough the fleece was shipped north of Auckland for scouring, then south  to Rolleston for spinning.  Finding someone to weave Mary's wool proved
elusive until an article about us appeared in a farming publication.  A flurry of emails and phone calls followed, then the yarn was shipped to Oamaru and we got started.

Here is the story of Mary's wool - fleece to blanket - in pictures....


Thank you so much for the opportunity of weaving Mary's wool, and making the fabric up into blankets - a fabulous journey!


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