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Go Sweet Spot

One of the things that has concerned me for some time is the simple act of posting our orders away in plastic satchels - so a couple of weeks ago I did something about it.

We joined the team at, a 100% New Zealand owned and managed company started by some mates a few years ago. You can read about how they started here.Theirs is a cool story - seeing an opportunity, making a kind of plan,getting out there, working really hard, really believing in what you are doing, caring about our people and our environment, and then making it
happen - just like us!

What really swayed me to work with the gosweetspot team is that they got their act together ecologically speaking and now provide their clients with eco-friendly, home and commercially
compostable satchels, beautifully designed with images of native plants printed onto them with soy or water-based inks.  You can read all about these amazing satchels here.

Loving our partnership with


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