See you soon at the 2024 WANAKA A&P SHOW - Q28


We are busy weaving fabric and making new products for you to buy and enjoy!
See you there.


Wishing we were at the Wanaka Show Sale this weekend

Like many thousands of others, we wish we at the Wanaka Show this morning,
ready to experience the camaraderie, atmosphere and sheer joy of an
amazing event. It's not just about making money (although that certainly
helps!!) it's also about catching up with friends and acquaintances,
old and new, and talking about our journey, our product and our passion
for New Zealand wool and our Hattersley looms. Because we can't catch up
at the show this year, we are taking this opportunity to bring some of
our wares to you, with the added bonus to you of us paying the GST on
your purchases and shipping to you free of charge.

Wishing you all a fabulous Friday. Thanks again for supporting us on our weaving journey. Please let others know they can subscribe to our newsletters too. Hoping to see you in Wanaka
next year!!!

Kindest regards,

Sue and Rod xx


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