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We love Fashy hotties!

We love our Fashy hot water bottles and have used them for years throughout our cold South Island winters.

We recommend using German designed and manufactured Fashy-Thermoplast hot water bottles. Fashy has been making hot water bottles since 1948 and has continuously been developing its technology and design. These hotties are robust and durable, odourless and rubber free, with a large opening for safer filling.

We stock Fashy hot water bottles in red, blue and grey. We have plenty in stock so contact us if you would like to purchase just one or a lot of Fashy hot water bottles!

We love our hot water bottle covers too. We have a select range of individually designed and crafted hot water bottle covers for you to buy. Each hottie cover is lined with an interesting cotton fabric and has a drawstring closure to keep your hottie warm, and you safe from scalds.

Have a look online and if you don't see anything you like just contact Sue and she will see if she has some fabric in your favourite colour to make your own special hot water bottle cover up just for you.

How do I use my hot water bottle safely?

Hot water bottles can be dangerous and cause burns if they are not filled, cared for or used in the proper way - please use your Fashy hot water bottle safely:

Do not use boiling water.
When filling, hold the bottle by the neck in an upright position and fill slowly to avoid water splashing back.
Fill your bottle to a MAXIMUM of two-thirds capacity.
Expel air from the bottle before tightening the stopper.
Do not put undue pressure on your hottie.
Use a cover to prevent burns.
When you are not using your bottle, drain it completely and keep it in a cool, dry, dark place with the stopper removed.
Check your hottie regularly for cracks or perishing.

Why do I sleep better with a hot water bottle?

Hot water bottles are great for helping your body get into sleep mode. They do this by promoting blood circulation, warming you up and helping your body to relax.

How does using a hot water bottle help relieve pain?

Using a hot water bottle to apply heat to a painful part of your body helps relieve the pain by improving circulation and blood flow, and working to relax and soothe damaged tissue.

What's the best way to use a hot water bottle in bed?

Fill your hottie up with nice warm water and put it into your bed at least 15 minutes before your retire.
Once you're in the bed you can either take the hottie out if you don't need it, or move it to the bottom of your bed to keep your toes cosy and warm. Some people like to cuddle their hotties, but just make sure you have a good cover on it (preferably a wool McLean & Co one) so you don't get burned, and don't lie on top of it or roll onto it in case it bursts.

Can I microwave my hottie?

It is really dangerous to heat a hot water bottle in a microwave oven so don't even try!

As the water in the hot water bottle heats, water vapour will be produced and the hottie is likely to explode.

Are hotties good for releiving menstrual cramps?


Menstrual cramps are the pits. Using a hot water bottle to apply heat to your lower abdomen is often a great way to relieve cramps. Evidently the heat reduces constriction of your blood vessels and improves blood flow to the uterus, thereby relaxing the uterus. 

What can you do with the water in your hottie once it's cooled?

This is something I do... I water my pot plants and the plants just outside my front door. They love it!

What's the best way to store my hot water bottle?

The best way to store your hot water bottle is to empty the water out, leave the stopper out and store it flat in a cupboard, but not the hot water cupboard.


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