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A gift of creativity from Owen

One day, earlier this year, I got an email from someone named Owen Douglas-Jones. Nothing strange in that as I often get emails from people I don't know. However this ended up being a very special email. It turned out Owen is a film maker, holidaying in New Zealand from the UK and he asked if he could possibly visit us and make a short film about what we are doing. He works in product photography and video back in the U.K. and was looking to pivot into much more story focused projects. "Cool!" I said, "Come and stay." So he and his partner Meg did. Owen filmed Rod out in the shed and we chatted about all sorts of things, including creativity.

And this is what he created! It's fabulous. We had no idea what he would come up with, and that's the beauty and intrigue of creativity.

You can check Owen's work out on his website https://www.owendouglas-jones....


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