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We are busy weaving fabric and making new products for you to buy and enjoy!
See you there.


It's almost Christmas!

Welcome to our very last newsletter of 2022. I can't believe it was August when I last emailed you all, and suddenly we are already half way through December. It's not like we have been swanning around either, we've been hard at work weaving gorgeous fabrics for you!

I am now Rod's "apprentice" in the shed, with my own loom, and responsible for weaving 90 metres of gorgeous NZ wool fabric we think will be very suitable as drapes. The warp is a natural white, while the weft is a dark charcoal grey. It's taking me a bit longer than I thought
it would to build up my core strength, and certainly my skills in operating the loom. One thing I've discovered is that just being able to pedal the loom does not make you a weaver!! Keep your eyes open on social media to watch my progress - after the festive season! And please
contact me if you are interested in having your own Oamaru McLean & Co woven curtains in your home.

I know wool isn't cool for summer, but hey, it makes great gifts all year round. We all know that summer is followed by autumn and winter, and spring, and that wool keeps you warm and snuggly in the best possible ecological and sustainable ways, so we've decided to have a
five day very cool sale of some of the products we've made, on our looms in Oamaru.

Check out our online store for some great deals. Our last day for sending out orders is Monday 19th December, and then I'm not going to be looking at the website again until January, when I'll do a bit of a catch-up and get any late orders
sent out to you.

In November Oamaru celebrates it's Victorian heritage with a week of events. People come from far and wide to take part in our celebrations. This year we celebrated our Scottish heritage, and as part of that McLean & Co opened the shed doors and welcomed people in to see our Hattersley looms, and to hear the story of how we started, how we weave tartan fabric and how Rod takes care of our looms. It was an incredible few days with over 200 visitors, a lot of talking on my part, and a whole lot of celebrating.

Add Oamaru's Victorian Heritage Celebrations to your bucket list for next year!

Thank you so much for your continued support of McLean & Co, we appreciate it more than you can imagine. It's been a challenging few years for small New Zealand businesses, and through lots of hard work, and the support of people like you we have managed to still be here! Rod and I are really proud of the textiles we create, here in rural New Zealand, using locally sourced and processed New Zealand wool. Please continue to share our story and wares with others you know may be interested, it really does help.


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