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Weaving for Meagan of Meadowslea

Meagan, from Meadowslea farm, near Fairlie, first approached us early in 2022, asking if we could weave some of her wool into curtain fabric. It was the beginning of quite a long process, involving people skilled in their part of the wool production sector. We call this slow production! Meagan has been involved in every step of the process.
Firstly the sheep were shorn. Two bales of the 2022 wool clip were sent to Timaru for scouring, then to Wild Earth Yarns in Christchurch to be spun into yarn suitable for weaving curtain fabric. We received the yarn, in the first week of May 2023. Rod finished weaving the first 150 metres of fabric in July.

Meagan will have fabric for sale later this year, once we have woven more for her. If you would like to buy of this very special fabric some please contact me at and I will give Meagan your contact details.

"Meadowslea Romney stud, founded in the 1920's, is located on the picturesque foothills of Fairlie, South Canterbury. It has long held a reputation for quality sheep who thrive in the hill country and to do this it is essential that they wear a good fleece. The strong crossbred wool they grow is ideal for fabric manufacture. 

The idea for curtains came to me while handling the ram hogget fleeces at shearing time. Each fleece is individually weighed and micron tested as part of Meadowslea's ongoing commitment to breed high quality wool. We were excited to come up with a way to utilise the beautiful natural fibre in our home. What a lovely view we will have every time the curtains are drawn."

Meagan McLeod

The process ... from farm to fabric.


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