We are excited to announce the design and weaving of our very own

Check out our WAITAKI COLLECTION pages to see how we designed and are weaving our tartan, and how you can be part of the story.

waitaki collection pre-purchase

Weave your own part of Waitaki tartan or tweed story. Spend some time in our weaving shed and learn to wind pirns and peddle the loom under our guidance. Your piece of weaving will be tagged with your name and date, and once the full warp is woven and fulled we will deliver your piece of fabric to you.

We named this collection, Beal, because it is black and white. A wee bit random, but it help us to remember which collection is which if we can make name/colour associations. Like all our collections, the Beal collection is named after a street in Oamaru. Beal Street was named by Surveyor Thompson for the River Beal, a small river in Greater Manchester, England.

The unconventional herringbone pattern of this scarf references the traditions of herringbone, within a contemporary design.  McLean & Co are passionate about preserving traditional textile skills and designs using the finest New Zealand yarn, and bringing them into today's world.

Wrap yourself in luxurious New Zealand quality, very limited edition with only a small number of scarves and wraps woven in this collection.


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